Top 10 Best Songs for Real Estate Videos from

Ago 3, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Videography

top ten songs for real estate video production in dubai

In this article I’m going to list what we feel are currently the top ten best songs for real estate videos available at I also want to give you some valuable insights aimed towards helping reduce the amount of time you spend searching for music for you’re your real estate videos. My name is Lew & I’m Creative Director here at Resonate Media House. We specialise in real estate videography and have worked on some of the most luxurious properties in Dubai & the region more generally.

Whilst hunting down the right track for your edit can at times be a quick & painless process, it can also turn into a tedious time-eating task. We’ve all been there… scrolling & clicking for countless hours as the never-ending search for that ‘perfect’ song continues. Even more frustrating is when you find the track you’re looking for but the client doesn’t think it quite fits, in which case its normally back to the drawing board and starting from scratch.

Of course, the genre, mood & vibe of the music you need for your edit will depend entirely on the emotions at play and the values that you are focusing on in your edit. Is it hopeful & uplifting? Is it moody & suspenseful? The options are endless and as they should be, there are limitless ways to tweak and add your own style into an edit. However, these limitless options can be a little daunting at times, particularly (I’ve found) when trying to find the perfect songs for real estate videos.

First of all, for real estate videos you want to find music that echoes and resonates with the style of the property, from the interior design to the type of architecture. The music must feel right. You also want to understand the taste of your client, whether that is a contracting firm, a real estate agency or a big developer. This is important as it will help you refine your search when looking for the perfect track. Also important to think about is how long you want your edit to be. Does this type of property or client deserve a big shouty intro or should it be more of a slow build, perhaps more discreet, more elegant? This all depends on who the client is and why they are commissioning you to create the content. Is this video designed to help make a big impression and help sell the property or is it for an interior design firm who want to create a flagship edit to showcase their work?

When it comes to real estate videos I find that you typically want to find music that has a decent beat which you can edit to and a solid, repetitive (but not annoyingly so) beat & melody. In I often search for moods such as dreamy, lounge, laid back & hopeful. You want a track that has some attitude and style, a song that is catchy but not so much so that it overpowers the visuals. The song is there as an accompaniment to help instil the viewer with the feelings or lifestyle associated with owning or living in this specific type of property. If you can communicate that lifestyle effectively through the music, then half your work is already done!