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In august of 2022, award-winning Dubai-based agency KnowCreative asked us to help them execute a campaign for Dubai Airports. We were informed that the client was “seeking ambitious & dynamic Emiratis to join its prestigious fire services training programme” (source).

The brief was to deliver four videos which would make the target audience question any preconceived notions they had about what it means to be a firefighter in Emirati culture. Ultimately, our aim was to motivate young Emirati men to follow this career path by redefining the profile of this profession within Emirati society.

We wanted to help the viewer to arrive at a place where they could imagine themselves saying ‘this is somewhere I can see myself’.


Before we began production, we dedicated ample time towards ensuring we were aligned with the client’s goals, which was to create content that led directly to an uptake in locals enlisting in the fire service. Our team began by digging deep into ways in which we could visually craft a narrative that portrayed those working in the fire service as having not only a kick ass-career, but a desirable life outside of work.

The core idea was to portray a normal guy as an everyday hero, associating his character with values of duty, honour and courage, all of which are integral to the national identity of Emirati culture. Once we had the foundation of our narrative we pieced together visuals which developed the style and feel KNOW CREATIVE wanted.

After establishing multiples visual references, we got to work on our story board, ensuring no piece of the puzzle was left unturned. Once everyone was happy with the story arc, our DOP pieced together an epic shot list which was then visualised by our storyboard artist. After a technical recce and a review with the creative agency KNOW CREATIVE, we were all set for production.

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We had to redefine the social consciousness of young Emiratis towards a career in the fire service, challenging their assumptions of what it means to be a firefighter as well as the kind of lifestyle that comes with it.‍

Somehow we had to create confidence amongst viewers that this really is not only a job to be personally proud of, but a career which is valued, respected & admired by others in Emirati culture.

On top of this, we were filming in a hostile environment surrounded by fire, smoke and lots of moving components. To make the footage look as authentic as possible we knew from the beginning that we would have to immerse ourselves in the action. This presented obvious challenges, but hey, whatever it takes to get the shot, right?


We knew that we had to get our viewer to relate to our hero, and, ultimately want to emulate him. We decided that the best way to achieve this would be to draw parallels between our hero’s everyday life & his career in the fire service so that young Emirati men could more easily visualise themselves following this career path.‍

By associating a career in the fire service with positive values such as pride, honour, respect, & recognition, we would be able to redefine the social consciousness of young Emiratis towards the fire service. 

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Our social media-ready cut-downs condensed the essence of the full video, ensuring that every second resonated with the awe-inspiring heroism of the firefighters and the unwavering commitment to safety at Dubai Airport. These bite-sized clips served as digital sparks, generating a buzz on social platforms and drawing viewers into the larger narrative.

We understand that in today's digital landscape, impact and brevity go hand in hand, and these vertical cut-downs played a vital role in maximizing interest and engagement surrounding the Dubai Fire Service's remarkable story.


In addition to the video content, we provided a gallery of high-quality images suitable for PR and marketing purposes. These images offer a practical toolkit for telling the Dubai Fire Service's story through different communication channels. Whether it's press releases, promotional materials, or online campaigns, our image gallery offers a range of visuals to illustrate the Dubai Fire Service's dedication, technology, and cultural context at the airport.

These images are versatile assets, reinforcing the service's brand and making it easy to communicate its message effectively across various media platforms. Our aim is to provide a well-rounded package for versatile storytelling and brand promotion.


The culmination of our efforts resulted in a project that encapsulated the Dubai Airport Fire Service's unwavering commitment to safety, innovation, and cultural richness. The two-minute video provided an immersive and emotionally resonant portrayal of the firefighters' heroism and the airport's dedication to excellence.

This, complemented by the vertical cut-downs, ignited a widespread social media buzz, amplifying the narrative and generating significant interest. The accompanying image gallery offered a visual toolkit for PR and marketing, enabling the Dubai Fire Service to effectively communicate its story and values.

Our project achieved the goal of delivering a comprehensive, multi-faceted narrative that not only celebrated the service's mission but also bolstered its brand identity and outreach efforts.

Always a real pleasure working with the Team at Resonate Media House. Always deliver and extremely talented. Looking forward to the next one.
Astrid Kirkland - Creative Partner at KNOW Creative