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We like to see a client's project as a whole and bring in the right aspects of our expertise to make a story smash it’s goal. We often help our clients to shape initial concepts, starting from a brainstorm all the way through to a fully realised pre production document. This ensures everyone can visualise the final cut before we even shoot anything.

Concept Development

We take initial concepts and create meaningful narratives that make your audiences feel like they’re there. Our mission is to take your thoughts and translate them into something you can see and feel.

Video Creation

Our ground and aerial filming crew goes all out on every job to get the perfect shot. Working in any environment, we know what it takes to capture stunning visuals and we have the experience and equipment to get the job done. We specialise in creating optimised content in different formats helping our clients to navigate the complexity of today's media landscape.


From high-res digital images for print and large format displays to optimised shots for social media and online use, we always tell a story through a shot. We specialise in various photography genres, including automotive, sport, editorial, and event, and use the latest equipment and techniques to create visuals worth sharing.

Post Production

We are meticulous when it comes to the final cut. Our in house team uses colour grading, speed adjustments, sound design, and visual effects to ensure every frame serves a purpose. We use these tools to enhance your narrative and ensure we create sustained engagement and impact.
Where’s your project at right now? Let’s chat about what you might need from us to create something really special.


Our team provides a comprehensive end-to-end process, from concept through to production, post, and insights. We find that working like this, with the whole project in mind, is an effective use of investment and always results in content that feels like an intentional, well-thought out story with no detail missed.

Concept Lab

This is where the journey from thought to visual reality starts. Our team works with you and any suppliers to absorb all your thoughts, ideas, and ambitions, then we roll up our sleeves and get creating. We weave together your brand, vision, and initial concepts and distil them into a visual story that captures and holds attention.

Pre-Production Planning

Consider the groundwork done. We take care of crafting detailed storyboards, scriptwork, casting the perfect talent, and scouting the ideal locations. We’re extremely familiar with sorting permits for all kinds of shoots and, while we might look like daredevils when we’re shooting, that’s because we manage all the risk beforehand.

Production Execution

Our production process is where we really shine. We’re guided by a deep understanding of visual appeal and how a shot will actualise as a final product. It’s part-intuition, part-skill, part-meticulous-planning. We use the latest equipment and have an internationally experienced in-house crew willing to do whatever it takes to get the shot.

Precision Post-Production + Delivery

In post, we get down to the fine-tuning. We kick off with the offline edit, sifting through the raw footage to create the narrative’s backbone. Then, in the online edit, we polish, honing color, sound, and visual effects to ensure an amazing viewing experience. We use the latest digital collaboration tools to include you and ensure that the final cut aligns with your goals.

Insights + Evaluation

The final piece of the process puzzle — we dive into the performance metrics of your project and translate the ‘why’ behind each data point. We look at everything from the format, channel, narrative, and more, to help make true sense of the success of your project and better inform your brand for the future.

Area of

We thrive on the challenge of these dynamic sectors, whether it’s capturing the adrenaline-fueled moment of the latest car in action, crafting a compelling commercial narrative, or capturing the mental and physical intensity of the sports industry.


Meet our dynamic video production team based in Dubai, a group of visionary creatives who turn ideas into captivating visual stories.

A photo of Lewis, founder of Resonate, posing with his camera.


Founder, Creative Director

Lew is the visionary Creative Director and Founder of Resonate Media House, a Dubai-based video production company. With an unparalleled passion for storytelling and a flair for innovation, Lew has transformed Resonate into a leading force in the industry.

Dana smiling at the camera



Dana is the creative force behind the captivating stories brought to life at Resonate Media House, a leading Dubai-based video production company. With a remarkable talent for crafting compelling narratives and a knack for dialogue, Dana is integral to every project.

Photo of Laci.



Laci is the skilled cameraman behind the lens, known for capturing stunning visuals at Resonate Media House, a prominent Dubai-based video production company. With an innate talent for framing moments and a sharp eye for detail, Laci has become an indispensable part of the team.

Craig Smiling



Craig, the financial steward at Resonate Media House in Dubai, brings order to our creative chaos. With meticulous accounting acumen, he safeguards our fiscal health, enabling our artistic endeavors to flourish.

Daniel smiling at the camera


Drone Camera Operator

Meet Daniel, our Dubai-based drone virtuoso at Resonate Media House. With soaring skills, he adds cinematic magic to every project, painting the skies with breathtaking shots.

Lucas smiling at the camera


Camera Operator

Meet Lucas, our Dubai-based camera virtuoso at Resonate Media House. With an artistic eye, he crafts visual masterpieces that elevate every project, ensuring a cinematic experience like no other.

Mik smiling


Lighting and Set Design

Meet Mikhail, our Dubai-based maestro of lighting and props at Resonate Media House. With meticulous artistry, he sets the stage, crafting immersive atmospheres that breathe life into every project, ensuring an unforgettable visual experience.

Steph Smiling at the camera


Storyboard Artist

Steph, the visionary storyboard artist at Resonate Media House in Dubai, wields the pencil that breathes life into our creative visions. With artistic precision, she maps the path from imagination to cinematic reality, ensuring our projects unfold seamlessly.