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Shooting One100 Palm – Dubai’s Most Luxury Listing!

Ago 14, 2020 | Videography

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After a leisurely stroll around Palm Jumeirah’s most expensive villa, one could comfortably admit that the One100 residence really needs no introduction at all. A palatial premises designed down to the very last detail with the utmost elegance, eternally equipped to deliver that feeling of ‘I’ve made it!’ to the lucky soul(s) that find themselves outfitted with the keys to the front door. Well, whilst we were not lucky enough to be the proprietors of said key, we were fortunate enough to be the ones commissioned to create a video that would do right by, as the financial times put it, “the most luxuriously curated home in Dubai”.

Picture by Anas Al Rifai

Dubai has continued to witness the launch of ultra-luxury villas and penthouses even amidst the ensuing coronavirus pandemic, and with it taking almost 6 years to complete, the One100 Palm Residence is well worth the hefty, and some might even be bold enough to say, somewhat seductive, price tag.

Disclaimer: I imagine the only people who would actually say this are those rather less affected by the current economic downturn….

Nevertheless, this lip-bitingly beautiful three-floor 14,000 sq. foot property, listed at 120 million dirhams, is now Palm Jumeirah’s most expensive villa. A bespoke, custom-made mansion designed down to the very last detail, featuring one-off pieces hand-crafted by the likes of Bentley & Fendi. As if that were not enough to lure you in, the property also comes with a Ferrari 599 GTO & Rolls Royce Wraith; they’re both parked & waiting for you in the garage. Add to this the Cristal-filled champagne vault, the massive outdoor pool & Jacuzzi area (with private beach access) and the rather fantastical indoor cinema & this becomes a place sure to nurture pure, unadulterated jealousy from the next-door neighbours. No matter how very important they may indeed be.

Pictures by Anas Al Rifai

In the words of, “This personalized masterpiece in luxury augments reality for its residents”. Located on the most prestigious & sought-after frond of the Palm Jumeirah, One100 is lavished with 5 massive VIP suites, most of which come with over-sized walk-in wardrobes. It also has its own champagne vault, two world-class indoor & outdoor cinemas and a state-of-the-art home cinema with IMAX screen & Dolby ATMOS surround sound system. The sprawling villa houses a cocktail bar & lounge area, three gourmet kitchens (as well as a fully-furnished restaurant galley), eight extravagant bathrooms adorned with Italian book matched marble, a glass-tiled outdoor infinity pool boasting extraordinary sunset views over the ocean & “the most sophisticated voice-activated home technology in the UAE”. This is to not even mention the private beach access or outdoor jacuzzi on the third floor.

One of the most noticeable features of the villa, however, is not the overwhelming size or space but simply the attention to the utter-most minute details. As described by an article featured in the Khaleej times, “The entire house is fitted with unique custom-made furniture and furnishings from ultra-luxury brands handpicked and sourced from around the world”. The dining table has been hand-crafted & custom-fitted by none other than Bentley, with the associated price tag enough to make any mere mortal’s eyes water. The rugs & cushions outfitted by the likes of Hermes & Fendi, with the crockery also from Bentley & various other pieces by Louis Vuitton. The villa is even home to an original piece by the infamous American artist Jeff Koons. One100 may indeed pay its respects to a rather remarkable list of designer influences but it just so happens that the villa is in itself ‘a piece of art’.

Last words…


We were honoured when we were commissioned by the owner to create the video for One100 Palm. As a real estate videographer based in Dubai, this was indeed a project that I myself saw as a great challenge but also a huge opportunity. To combine our team’s creativity, flare & passion for filmmaking with the elegance and class of such a listing, we saw our role as one of making a production which fit into the niche of luxury property content whilst also standing out and being unique. Something that broke the mould and was in a category of its own. We’ll let you be the judge of that!

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