Professional Videography Services in Dubai

What We Offer.

We can help you to build brand identity & increase awareness of your business across your target audience.
Stand out from your competitors with video content that informs & entertains, promoting the products & services you offer.

Our team of professional videographers & marketing specialists have years of experience crafting videos for every possible platform. So whether you need a video to upgrade your website, video content for your social media platforms, or to create a sponsored video advertisement, we are here to help.


Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.

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A Coherent Strategy


If you want to build brand identity as well as promote the products & services your business offers, then video is a quick & effective method by which to achieve these things. To put it simply, you need to tell people who you are, what you do, and what you can offer them. But what form should this message take, and how can you make it resonate with your target market? Well, to construct a considered, charismatic & coherent digital marketing strategy you are going to have to use video.

Video content can massively help when trying to create a narrative around your brand & articulate messages in a way that develops trust between you and your target market. Empower, educate & entertain viewers in a way that leads them to share your content with others, further boosting your brands exposure whilst also driving sales. If you are not incorporating video as an essential part of your digital communication strategy then you are going to be left behind. Not convinced? Check out our article on the top ten statistics you need to know on video marketing for 2020.

Our professional videographers, drone pilots & creative team as a whole has years of experience in the landscape of advertising & marketing, particularly in the GCC region. Whether you are a brand just starting out, trying to increase awareness of your products/ services, or if you are a well-established business looking to revive the content across your website & social media platforms, we are here to help.

Filming Equipment


We use only industry standard filming equipment to ensure we deliver the highest quality video content to our clients. From filming through to sound design & post production, we offer only the very best in both the filming equipment and the software we use to deliver your project to you. Our videographers want to create a message that resonates, but we also focus a massive amount of time on crafting visuals that have an impact on your audience. We want your viewers to remember your video content and to share it amongst your target market. The only way to do that is to create quality video content.

We have a selection of drones to choose from, the choice of which is dependent on whether we are filming action sports & experiences, or real estate, for example. We also have a selection of Sony & Panasonic cameras to choose from, video mics, lava mics, lighting equipment, DJI gimbals, Manfrotto tripods, Real Outex underwater camera housing, action cams, and a lot more. We want to go the extra mile to get the shot for you and, as a result, we have equipped ourselves with only the best filming equipment on the market. Whether you need epic drone visuals, some super slowmo footage or a project deliver in 4K – we are here to help.

Drone Services


Our professional and internationally-certified drone pilots can capture mind-blowing aerial footage that will put you head and shoulders above the competition. Our aerial videographers use only the most up-to-date, industry-standard drones to ensure that your video content will help you to stand out from the crowd. Our drone pilots have a combined flying time of over 400 hours, and trust us, that’s a lot. So, you can be assured that whatever shot you might need, we can get it for you!

Whether we are filming fast moving objects like cars or cyclists, or providing simple real estate videography services, luxury yacht charters & filming cityscapes, we have a selection of drones to choose from which are tailor made for capturing each of these scenes. Drone footage has the potential to add a massive amount of production value and cinematic style to your video content, truly elevating your brands image above that of your competitors and helping you to stand out from the crowd.

Post Production


From initial concepts through to the final cut, we aim to provide you with a jargon-free, efficient service. Our videography team speaks a total of 6 languages, so you can be sure that at least one of us will be able to talk in laymen’s terms! After the first draft of any project is complete, our videographers will share the work with the you, asking for any feedback on what needs to be tweaked or changed. Whether this is an audio discrepancy or a short clip that needs to be cut from the edit, we understand that you, as the client, needs to be 100% happy with how your brand, products and services are presented.

We always strive to get the project delivered to you perfect on the first draft, but we know that there is sometimes a back and forth of small changes that need to be made. We offer a number of drafts and retouches in order to get the finished product delivered to you as you intended it to be. Our fully-furnished editing suite & post-production services include…

Fully Furnished Editing Suite
Premiere Pro + Final Cut
Customized Visual Effects
Adobe After Effects
Logo Design & Animation
Animated Logo Graphics
Professional Colour Grading
Colour Grading & Composition
Licensed Music
Epidemic Sound
Cinematic Sound Effects
Professional Sound Design