About Us.

Resonate Media House is a team of professional freelance videographers in Dubai geared towards delivering high quality visual content at an affordable rate. We create video which helps build brand identity, increase awareness of your products & services, and boost engagement, fundamentally adding value to your business.

We are a small but close-knit group of creative artists who believe in the power of video to help you tell your story.
Our role as visual storytellers is to help conceptualise & create content that resonates with your target audience.

Meet the Team

Lewis Deaves

Founder & Creative Director


Videographer &
Graphic Designer


Cameraman &
Drone Pilot


Sound Designer


Web Developer
& SEO Specialist


Marketing Strategist

This is Lew

Founder & Creative Director

Our Eye in the Sky

Lew is our in-house professional drone pilot. With over 300 hours of flying time and a wealth of international experience, Lew has filmed pretty much anything you can imagine from a drone.
Building from his experience filming for international kitesurfing brands and commercial yacht companies, Lew has now become one of the most experienced drone videographers in the region. Always able to offer a fresh perspective to the viewer, Lew is able to deliver epic drone visuals that distinguish & separate you from your competitors.
Drone video content has the power to take your brand to new heights, adding huge value and a level of production & cinematic quality that is otherwise simply not possible. If you need a professional drone pilot in Dubai then Lew is your guy.
We have multiple drones to choose from to suit your needs, and Lew is one of the few licensed drone operators in Dubai.

Humble Beginnings…

Resonate Media house started out with Lew and a drone, but we have since grown to become a fully operational video production company in Dubai that can deliver you high quality video content at an affordable rate.
We want your video content to deliver results that further boost engagement with your brand and help you drive sales. At the end of the day, you have a business to run, and we want to help your business be successful. By building a coherent strategy that clearly & creatively communicates your message, we know the power of video to deliver results.
Creating video content which informs, entertains & resonates with your audience is an absolute must in the landscape of advertising and marketing today, and we want to help you utilise this increasingly important marketing tool.

This is Yas


Yasmine is one of three individuals that make up our in-house videography team. She has a wealth of knowledge to draw on, as well as years of international experience from working in a number of media organisations. A native Arabic speaker, Yasmine has worked in the Middle East region for over a decade, fulfilling a plethora of roles within the media industry.
After collecting a distinction in honours degree (Computer Graphics & Animation) from the New York Institute of Technology, she has been involved in the creative production of regional fashion magazines, Netflix series & corporate video advertisements (including Chanel & Jordanian airlines).
An expert in Photoshop & Lightroom, Yasmine is well-equipped & thoroughly initiated in the media production process, from concept through to delivery, helping us to put our clients mind at ease, knowing they are in good hands.
Yasmine is also an experienced camerawoman, regularly on set for us as one of our primary camera operators. As well as having completed a film making course at school of visual arts, New York, she has worked as an assistant producer, editing consultant & fashion editor for U Magazine.


As a member of our team & one of the most experienced individuals in the creative industry, Yasmine is a great source of creative influence for us.
She knows what it takes, and the steps to follow, when trying to build a brand image and develop a brand narrative. She continues to bring this professional experience in the industry to the table, helping to focus our efforts towards what the client’s needs are & what they are ultimately trying to achieve.
As professional videographers we want to visually tell stories, and Yasmine helps us to understand how those stories can be told. A sort of, narrator-in-chief.

This is Bram

Cameraman & Drone Pilot

Bram is, without a doubt, the worlds most reliable cameraman. Having him on set always puts everyones mind at rest, knowing that we have his experience and most importantly, his perspective. He’s also Dutch. We just thought you ought to know. Bram has a talent for shooting the subliminal, adding texture and context to every scene, whilst simultaneously focusing on the subject and the storyboard. The artistic subtlety in his shooting style helps to bring the message home, but does so in a manner that keeps the viewer intrigued & engaged.
His passion for visual storytelling is relentless, and this can be seen in his unique filming style. Bram has been a videographer living in Dubai for over 8 years, previously working on his own vlog & creating content for multiple international sporting brands & products. His own niche lies somewhere between action sports & travel videography, cultivating narratives around adventure, adrenaline, & the journey.
An extremely experienced camera operator, Bram has an intimate knowledge of his gear & is able to manipulate the situation always to his benefit, getting the most out of a shoot where there may be a sudden change of weather conditions or poor lighting, etc. He is the man with the camera that we couldn’t do without.

Drone operator in Dubai

Bram is also one of our team’s professional drone operators who, with over 100 hours of flight time, has both the experience and ability to capture absolutely breath-taking aerial footage. Flying commercial-grade drones for over 5 years now, Bram has experience flying both the DJI Phantom 4 Pro & the DJI Mavic 2 (Hasselblad version). His experience being a professional drone operator in Dubai is super valuable to us & our commitment to provide industry standard video production services in Dubai. If you want your brand to stand out from your competitors then using drone footage is essential. Drone aerial footage not only offers an entirely unique perspective to the viewer, but helps to contextualise, set the scene, and add a level of professionalism & production value that is otherwise simply not possible. Take your brands image to new heights with mesmerising drone visuals, adding aesthetic to your video, value to your brand, and creativity to your content.

This is Cameron

Audio Technician

Hearing is believing

Cameron is our sound designer. A graduate of the University of Edinburgh, he is proficient in optimising audio to the needs of any project. Experienced with the most professional softwares available, Ableton Live 10 & Logic Pro X, Cameron can use various plug-ins to create his own customisable SFX, adjusting these to the clients needs, giving our team a unique way to make our projects stand out.
With experience designing soundscapes for video games & visual reality simulations, dialogue recordings for interviews, and mixing sound for commercial video productions, Cameron is well-equipped to meet our clients high demands.
Creatively designed audio is essential in professional video productions and adds an entirely new level of feel & quality to media content. Sound is texture. If seeing is believing, then hearing is feeling, and we want people to not only see your message, but also feel it, and that’s where Cameron comes in.

Licensed music

Here at Resonate Media House, we use only licensed music in order to ensure that there are no unwanted problems after we have delivered the project to the client. Using both Artgrid.io & Epidemicsound.com, we are able to draw from these vast libraries in order to provide you with the most professional video production service in Dubai that is on offer.

This is Virginia

Web Developer & SEO Specialist

Super Nerd

Virginia is our very own website developer & SEO specialist. Well versed in the art of getting to the top of the Google search rankings, she has an intimate understanding of how to boost a business online & drive traffic. With years of experience in web design & coding, as well as the development and optimisation of web interfaces, Virgi constantly keeps up to date with Google’s algorithm changes in order to ensure that our client’s websites are meeting the criteria required to rank above their competitors. She has a deep knowledge of website layout, functionality, navigation, and user-experience, crafting a customers online journey in order to decrease bounce rates whilst maximise conversion rates. A Google certified Search Engine Optimiser, Virginia is a crucial member of our team, providing a service for our clients that would otherwise simply not be possible. The self-confessed nerd of the team, Virgi is back-end member working to ensure that our online presence, as well as our clients, is always at its best.

This is Ryan

Marketing Strategist

Ryan is our resident marketing guru with over 15 years experience working with some of the world’s biggest consumer brands. Whether it’s multi million dollar TV campaigns for themepark brands or cultural campaigns that connect with new audiences at Nando’s, Virgin Mobile or BMW, Ryan has a sack full of successful campaigns to draw on.

Combining a deep love of storytelling with his super strategic mindset, this guy is key at the early stages of our work with you. Understanding your specific requirements, mapping them to your existing strategy and helping define a scope-of-works that sets the team up to deliver content that leaves your competition in your dust.

Talking of dust, this guy is also our off-road specialist. Taking you and our crew to filming sites off the beaten track and unleashing truly unique perspectives.